Wedding dinner at Hopsjø

At the old trading center Hopsjø you may experience an authentic old general store as it appeared back in the days. It has its history dating back to the mid-18thcentury. The site has also been a whaling station and on the second floor there is a whaling museum from this era. Hopsjø abounds with history and a visit here is really something you will remember for a long time.

The trading centre was first and foremost made famous by Nils Rosing Parelius who married his Margrethe, and it is their wedding dinner from 1801 that will be put on the table for you. Serving traditional courses as fish ball and cattle roll in such historical surroundings is an experience worth doing.

It is also possible to add a trip with The Night Sailors’ old wodden boats. The Night Sailors is an organization that has been around for a long time at Hopsjø. In newer time they have restored some old boats that originally were used for fishing herring. Joining the crew onto the historical waters and sailing between small shores and islands is quite magical.


4,5 hours

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Min. 10 persons
(Or for the price of 10)




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