The old trading center at Hopsjø

The trading center at Hopsjø was one of Norway’s largest trading centers in the 17thand 18thcenturies. The Parelius family rules here for over 250 years as traders and proprietors. From then until now, the place has gone through several events and created many exciting stories.

You can visit Krambua, which is an authentic old shop as they used to be back in the days. It has a history from the mid-18thuntil it was closed in 1953. Here are products from a time long ago. You can also buy old-fashioned sweets and maritime crafts.

There is a whaling museum on the second floor. From 1926 to 1962, there was a whaling station near Hopsjø, where 100 whales were caught each year. This also became one of the most important employers in the area because it had work for over a hundred men. At the museum you will find objects and authentic descriptions from whaling in Norway in the 20th century.

By the pier lays some fantastic wooden boats from old days. They have been restored and taken care of by a group called the Night Sailors. This is a group that was formed in 2011 and work to care for old boats and boat traditions. The Night Sailors are located at Hopsjøbrygga and you will therefore meet some of the members and if the weather permits, take us on a short boat trip.

Finally, “Mr. Parelius” will join you in the old department store restaurant, Traktørstedet Landstryker, for a delicious lunch or dinner based on local produce.


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