The history of Norwegian fish farming

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Salmon is one of Norway’s biggest exports. And the cradle of fish farming lays just outside of Trondheim on the island Hitra. Get to know the story that started with two brothers and the world’s first fish farming facility, that then grew to become one of the largest fish farming regions in the world. The tour includes stories and an exhibition in historical perspective, and a visit to one of the fish farms at Hitra. Then you get an unforgettable seafood experience at Ansnes Brygger. We promise some of the best and freshest treasures of the ocean that you have ever tasted. A guide will follow you through the tour.


8.10 to 9.50
Coastal express Trondheim-Hitra. Guide accompanies the group on the boat trip.

10.00 to 11.30
We start the tour with a story about salmon farming at the express boat terminal at Sandstad. The story is told by the Coastal Museum and gives an insight into the modern Norwegian fish farming industry, which is located along the Trøndelag coast and puts it in a local, national and international perspective. We also go out with rib boats to one of the island’s many fish farms. Together, this provides a unique experience with both learning and experience in fish farming.

Hitra is the cradle of salmon farming. In 1970, the Grøntvedt brothers established the world’s first successful salmon farming facility in the sea just outside of Ansnes. Today, Hitra and the neighboring island Frøya are one of the world’s largest salmon farming regions. In 2020, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Norwegian salmon farming!

11.30 to 12.00
The boats drive us to Ansnes Brygger for an unforgettable seafood experience.

12.00 to 13.00
“Seafood bonanza”. You will be served seafood from the season, harvested in the sea from just outside the door, prepared by the famous seafood chefs at Ansnes Brygger. Alongside the food is the on-site beer served, and during the meal, even the “Ægir” comes to visit. According to Norse mythology, Ægir is a giant who rules the sea.

13.00 to 13.45
Bus transfer Ansnes-Sandstad. Guide is included on the bus.

13.50 to 15.30
The Coastal Express Hitra-Trondheim.


7 hours and 20 min

Start and end

Trondheim express boat terminal
(Buy ticket onboard the boat)

Number of participants

Min. 10 persons, max. 20 persons

Suitable for

The tour is not feasible for disabled people.


Warm suits and life jackets are available during the boat trip. Wear good footwear and a hat if the weather dictates it.

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