Meet the deer

When the bell rings at DalPro, the whole farm knows what is about to happen. The sheep bleat and the chickens cluck. Then they appear among the trees, the deer. They have learned that the bell means food. They come trotting over the ground and to all the excited guests who are ready with food in their hands.

To be able to feed the deer straight from the hand is an extraordinary experience that you don’t get many other places. It is as popular for kids as for adults. At DalPro they work with deer and wild norse sheep. But that’s not all they do. DalPro is a growth business. Sometimes people fall out of the normal society for different reasons. This is people the community have a responsibility to help into a meaningful life, DalPro definitely takes their part of this job. The farm has about 45 participants and 20 ordinary employees. In addition, they arrange different types of classes to prepare for working life. The participants help run the farm while producing a range of quality products.

After the deer is fed the sheep wants a cuddle too. They love people and being scratched. Then if you want some food too, DalPro farmfood serves its very own burgers. And before the visit ends you can visit the farm shop and buy both cured meats and their award-winning lamb shank.


1-2 hours

Number of people

Min. 10 persons
(Or for the price of 10)


On request

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