In Ægirs kingdom

The Hitra crab has become a well-known phenomenon, and no one prepares crab as chef Ola at Ansnes Brygger. According to old Norwegian mythology, Ægir is a giant that rules over the sea, in the same way the chefs at Ansnes rules over the kitchen during Ægir’s evening. This is an absolutely incredible culinary experience.


Day 1

Your tour starts with an exhibition about aquaculture in Ægirs hall at the terminal at Sandstad. This includes a short movie and a snack from the ocean. Then you go to Ansnes Brygger where you will stay in cozy appartments right at the seafront for the next few days.

Ansnes Brygger brew their own beer and the evening starts with a beer tasting and tour of their microbrewery with the owner, chef and brewer Ola Skjåk Bræk. Then there is dinner. Ægirs Evening contains of a delicious seafood table, with everything the island has to offer.

Day 2

After breakfast you leave for HitraMat where you will get a guided tour and a lunch at Europe’s biggest crab factory. The day continues in fresh air with a hike around the Ulvøy trail. The hike is 7,6 km and takes about 2-3 hours.

Dag 3

Breakfast and check-out from Ansnes Brygger. Then the bus goes back to the terminal at Sandstad.

If you want to stay for another day

After breakfast you go out to sea in a rib-boat for a whole day of island-jumping in the archipelago. This is a trip that gives you a feeling of freedom and an impression that you can’t get anywhere else. Mausung, Bogøyvær and Sula are all fishing villages that is active through the whole year. These islands have dining areas with a maritime atmosphere. You will also visit Sula Lighthouse which is at the highest point of the island, 37 meters above sea level. On the trip there are great chances of seeing both eagles, seals and exotic birds.


3-4 days

Number of people

Min. 10 persons
(Or for the price of 10)


All year


On request

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