Hitra kids sightseeing

Hitra has many opportunities for all ages. We have put together a sightseeing that engages extra with the little ones. Activities where you can see, feel and hear exciting stories.


The Coastal Museum
You start with a visit to the Coastal Museum in Fillan a tour of their two exhibitions; The people of Flatvika and the Russian shipwreck. The guides at the Coastal Museum are good at adapting to children, and the exhibitions are exciting for all ages.

“The people of Flatvika” is an exhibition about a multi-generation family living on a typical small farm somewhere on the Trøndelag coast in the year 1920. When you come to Flatvika, you can meet some of the people who live there. You can actually hear them talking to you and telling you their story.

“The Russian shipwreck”. On a cold and stormy October night in 1760, a Russian ship sailed outside of Hitra. The ship went down and over a hundred people lost their lives. This is the beginning of the story of the Russian Shipwreck, Yedinorog. Over hundreds of years, stories about what happened that night flourished. Stories of murder and looting were widespread, and soon the stories became myths. What really happened that night?

Meet the deer
DalPro is a farm idyllically located and with loving animals. About 250 deer lives here, and you get to handfeed them. This is a special experience which you don’t get many other places. The sheep also want attention and are fond of cuddling. This is a visit the kids will talk about for a long time.

Troll safari and whaling
The tour carries on to Hopsjøen, to hike to Brannhaugen. Along this trail you can find small trolls. They live in the moss and among the trees. How many does the kids find? There is also a cultural trail with ruins of old stone houses and a burial mound at the top.

After the walk you come back down to Hopsjøbrygga and buy something good to eat and drink. Inside Hopsjøbrygga there is both a restaurant called Landstykeren and a whaling museum. Hopsjø used to be a whaling station and seeing some of the history is exciting for both adults and children, especially because of a several feet long jawbone hanging under the roof, and a huge harpoon used to catch the whales.

The old shop Krambua is also open where you can shop old-fashioned sweets and other souvenirs.


  • Explore Hitra guide coming with you.
  • Ticket to the Coastal Museum.


4 hours and 45 min

Number of people

Min. 10 persons
(Or for the price of 10)


All year

Additional information

  • We can arrange transportation if you don’t arrive with your own.
  • Bring clothes and shoes according to the weather.


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