Hiking with the Norwegian “matpakke”

A very strong tradition in Norway is to go hiking – “å gå på tur”.  Ulvøystien (the Ulvøy trail) is a well marked trail all the way out to Frohavet.  From the starting point  we follow the trail to the “top” – 50 meters above the sea level and the highest point on the hike.  The view is magnificent, as it is on the whole round.  The trail turns west along the ocean on bare rock-face, stony beaches and ravines.  It is well arranged with bridges, steps, ladders and rope in exposed places.  The trail turns again in to the island and follows the coastal moor back to the starting point.  The whole round takes about 2.5 hours.

We stop along the way to enjoy a traditional Norwegian «matpakke» based on local produce.

Matpakke – a slice of tradition
The tradition originated in the 1930’s with a government programme to provide all school children with a free meal each day. Eventually parents took over the responsibility and gradually it evolved into the «matpakke».  The «matpakke» – which is still the most common way of having lunch both at kindergardens, schools, workplaces and during hiking – consists of a stack of three or four slices of bread with a layer of meat, fish or cheese on top of each.  Today the «matpakke» is much more than just an insipid open sandwich; it’s a national institution, and an understated source of cultural price.


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