Deer lunch at DalPro

At Hitra we have the most densely populated stock of deer in Northern Europe, and every year almost a thousand deer are harvested. In addition, there is a large focus on deer and wild sheep farming. DalPro is a farm that is venturing into deer and old Norse sheep farming. They have a deer stock of 250 animals, as well as 70 wild sheep. The farm sells local produce from its own stock as well as from the region. The meat comes from Frøya and Hitra and is made on nature’s premises. Wild sheep and deer graze in heather, herbs, grass and seaweed all year round. The free life, climate and the island’s flora adds a unique taste of wild nature that you cannot get anywhere else. DalPro is also a “growth company” with good values like a positive attitude and a belief that everyone can improve themselves.


This lunch includes feeding the deer, you can experience these majestic animals eating straight from your hand. You will be served grilled deer burgers before visiting the farm shop where they sell meat and leather products.

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Min. 10 persons
(Or for the price of 10)


All year


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