The three great ones; Crab, salmon and deer

During this three-day trip you will taste and experience Hitra’s three great ones; salmon, crab and deer.

Hitra crab has become a well-known phenomenon, and no one prepares crab as chef Ola at Ansnes Brygger. According to old Norwegian mythology, Ægir is a giant that rules over the sea, in the same way the chefs at Ansnes rules over the kitchen during Ægir’s evening. This is an absolutely incredible culinary experience.

Salmon is one of Norway’s most important export articles and at Hitra salmon farming is by far the main industry. You get to go out to sea and visit a fish farm. See the whole cycle from fish eggs to a full frown salmon jumping around in the ocean.

The deer is a big part of Hitra. Actually, we have the most densely populated stock of deer in North Europe. In addition, we have the DalPro company venturing into deer and old Norse sheep farming. A visit to DalPro will give you the opportunity to get close to the deer and even feed it from your hand.


Day 1 – Arrival to Hitra and Ægirs evening
You arrive Hitra in the afternoon and go directly to Ansnes Brygger. This is where you will stay the next few days, in cozy apartments by the seaside.

In the evening chef Ola and his world known seafood chefs will make Ægirs evening for you. This is a fantastic seafood table with all the best that the island and season has to offer. Everything is on the table and you just dig in until the stomach has no more room.

Possible to add: Ansnes Brygger brew their own beer. Have a beer tasting of their different beers that have been named after the local fish grounds just outside Ansnes Brygger.

Day 2 – Fish farming at Hitra and lunch by Terningen lighthouse
First breakfast at the hotel, and then off to experience aquaculture in real life. We will start by visiting the Coastal Museum’s exhibition at the express boat terminal. It gives an insight into the story of Norwegian salmon farming from the very beginning to the modern aquaculture industry of today. Then you go by boat out to the sea and visit a fully operated fish farm where you get a closer look at salmon farming. Together, this gives us a unique excursion with both learning and experience around fish farming.

On the way back to the terminal there will be a stop at the Terningen lighthouse, established in 1833. The lighthouse consists of a twelve-meter-high concrete tower. Here a good salmon lunch is served before returning to the terminal at Sandstad.

Dinner in the evening – you are invited to a delicious crab buffet at Ansnes Brygger.

Day 3 – The deer farm
After breakfast it is time for packing and checking out from Ansnes Brygger. Then a visit to the farm DalPro which has both deer and old Norse sheep. The visit includes feeding of the deer and information about this unique farm – and a lunch consisting of a BBQ with burgers from the farm. They also have an open farm shop where you can buy both meat and leather products.

Purchase local food and departure
The stay at Hitra ends with a stop at Hitra Salmon where it will be possible to buy products made from salmon and white fish.


3 days

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Min. 10 persons
(Or for the price of 10)


All year


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