A culinary time travel

Are you ready for a three-day time travel with culinary experiences from various eras in the island’s history? The travel begins in the Iron Age with dinner in a real longhouse, before you continue to the 21st century with an insight into one of Norway’s largest export articles, the Norwegian salmon. The last stop is in the 18th century – with dinner at the old trade center Hopsjøbrygga. You will stay at Dolmsundet Hotel, with both cozy atmosphere and modern facilities.


Day 1 – Welcome to the Iron Age

You arrive Hitra in the afternoon and go directly to Dolmsundet Hotel which is where you will stay the next few days.

An Iron Age dinner will be served in a longhouse from the Iron Age located right next to the hotel. In the longhouse you get to hear stories from the Iron Age and drink mead, which probably is the oldest alcoholic drink ever.

Possible to add: It can be arranged for Iron Age Olympics. The group will be set into teams and compete in sawing, logging, tug-of-war, horseshoe tossing, hammering and an Iron Age quiz. Afterwards there are prizes for the winners.

Day 2 – History and modern fish farming at Hitra
After a good and healthy breakfast at the hotel you leave to the municipal center Fillan and the Coastal Museum for a visit at the two exhibitions:

«The people in Flatvika»tells the story of a multi generation family on the small coastal farm Flatvika in the year 1920. At this time the coast of Trøndelag went through a transition from the thousands of years old coastal culture towards a time with mechanical and technical development.  Experience the exhibition through an audio guide (Norwegian, English or German), and let the people tell their story of life in Flatvika in 1920.

«The Russian Shipwreck».During the night of the 18-19th October 1760 a Russian war ship named Yedinorog was shipwrecked at Hitra – near the Kvenvær archipelago, west of Hitra. The ship went down and over a hundred people lost their lives. The ship, the history, the myth – over hundreds of years, stories about what happened that night have flourished. Stories of murder and looting were widespread, and soon the stories became myths. What really happened that night? The Coastal Museum tells the story.

Visit a fish farm
Then off to experience aquaculture in real life. We will start by visiting the Coastal Museum’s exhibition at the express boat terminal. It gives an insight into the story of Norwegian salmon farming from the very beginning to the modern aquaculture industry of today. Then you go by boat out to the sea and visit a fully operated fish farm where you get a closer look at salmon farming. Together, this gives us a unique excursion with both learning and experience around fish farming.

On the way back to the terminal there will be a stop at the Terningen lighthouse, established in 1833. The lighthouse consists of a twelve-meter-high concrete tower. Here a good salmon lunch is served before returning to the terminal at Sandstad.

In the evening we propose the buffet at the hotel, or you can pick one of the alternatives in our “Matpakka, Taste of Hitra” brochure presented elsewhere here at ExploreHitra.com.

Day 3 – Back to the 17thcentury at Hopsjø
After breakfast it is time for packing and checking out from Dolmsundet Hotel. Then it’s time to visit the old trading center Hopsjø. Here you get to hear the story about the proprietors who developed Hopsjø to become one of the century’s most important trading centers in the 17thcentury. You also get to experience an authentic old shop as it appeared back in the days and visit the whaling museum with artifacts and authentic depictions from the whaling station at Hestnes.

Dinner will also be here at Hopsjø inside the restaurant Landstyker’n. You get “Mother Pareliu’s wedding menu” with traditional courses as fish ball and cattle roll.

Purchase local food and departure
The stay at Hitra ends with a stop at Hitra Salmon where it will be possible to buy products made from salmon and white fish.


3 days

Number of people

Min. 10 persons
(Or for the price of 10)


All year


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