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About Hitra

About Hitras history

Hitra is an island just in the middle of Trøndelag, only two hours of driving from Trondheim. Hitra is often referred to as a “Norway in miniature”. Here you will find forests, high mountains, calming fjords and open seas. Hitra is a gem you will never forget!

Ten quick facts

  1. Hitra consist of approx. 2500 islands, islets and sheaves
  2. It is the seventh biggest island in Norway
  3. The island is connected too the mainland with a tunnel that goes under the sea
  4. Hitra has North-Europe’s most dense deer strain
  5. During the hunting season almost 1000 deer are shot every year.
  6. Two of the worlds biggest salmon farming factories are located on Hitra
  7. Every day about 60 trucks drive of the island filled with salmon
  8. Hitra has approx. 4600 inhabitants
  9. A person from Hitra is called Hitterværing
  10. Hitra is also connected to the island Frøya with a tunnel under the sea

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