Group Excursions

Planning a business trip? Or a group tour to explore the archipelago?
We make it as easy as possible for you by putting together a package of what you need from experiences, activities and accommodation, all adapted to your group.
Here you see the packages we offer, but everyone can be adjusted according to your group’s needs and wishes.

In Ægirs kingdom

According to old Norwegian mythology, Ægir is a giant that rules over the sea, in the same way the chefs at Ansnes rules over the kitchen.

In the Iron Age house at Dolmsundet

A culinary time travel

Are you ready for a three-day time travel with culinary experiences from various eras in the island's history? Travel through both the Iron Age, the…

Bogøya seen from the sky Explore Hitra

Historical Hitra

Hitra is an island with a lot of history to offer, from different centuries. On this trip you get to experience some of these stories and see how…


The tree great ones

During this three-day trip you will taste and experience Hitra's three great ones; salmon, crab and deer.

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