Excursion to Hitra – the cradle of aquaculture

A tour during Aqua Nor 2019

At this years Aqua Nor we at Explore Hitra offers an excursion to Hitra – The cradle of aquaculture. Take the express boat to the island Hitra, the boat only uses 1 hour and 40 minutes from Trondheim to Hitra. You arrive at the express boat terminal at Sandstad. Here you get equipped and are ready to go out on the ocean by rib-boat to visit a fish farm. Together with the Coastal Museum’s intermediary, you get a guided tour of both the hatchery, the food station and walk along the edge of the cages where the salmon is jumping in the ocean. You get an insight into all aspects of Norwegian aquaculture. We also give you a small bag of some local snacks to eat along the way.

Then you have to taste the gold that we find in the ocean around Hitra. At Ansens Brygger you will be served the best and freshest seafood. The table is set for a seafood bonanza with oysters, scallops, langoustines and crab. Before you are seated you get a beer tasting of the beer that is brewed right here at Ansnes Brygger. During the dinner you will also be told some history about Hitra – the cradle of aquaculture. After some delicious hours with focus around the seafood you will be transported back to the terminal. You take the express boat back to Trondheim, arriving at 8:00 p.m. We also have a local guide during the tour that will help you get to the right places and answer questions.

If you want a shorter trip to Hitra, you may join only the seafood-bonanza. Contact us and we will help you figure everything out.

Transportation: Ansnes offers transportation from Trondheim by Rib or their new closed boat. Approx. 1 hour and 15 min. Price on request.


  • 08.10 Departure Trondheim with the express boat.
  • 09.50 Arriving Hitra with the express boat.
  • 10.00 Visit fish farm.
  • 13.00 Transport to Ansnes Brygger.
  • 13.30 Beer tasting.
  • 14.30 Seafood bonanza.
  • 17.30 Transportation back to the terminal.
  • 18.20 Express boat to Trondheim.
  • 20.00 Arriving Trondheim.

Available days:
Wednesday 21st August and Friday 23rd August.

Price per person 2600 NOK

Includes visit at the fish farm, snacks, seafood-bonanza, beer tasting, transportation and guide. (Tickets on the express boat excluded.)

For booking send mail to post@explorehitra.no

Only groups of min. 7 people to order.

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