Culinary adventures

Noe av det vi er aller mest stolt av på Hitra er all den lokale maten. Vi kan love deg noen unike matopplevelser med smaker du ikke får andre steder.
Vi har derfor satt sammen flere matpakker med ulike matopplevelser fra Hitra.

Deer Explore Hitra

Deer lunch at DalPro

Experience the deer at such close range that it eats from your hand. These are some majestic animals and a great experience to be a part of.

The Iron Age house

Historical lunch or dinner in the iron age house at Dolmsundet Hotel

On both sides of the Dolm strait there are a lot of cultural monuments. Hear everything about is as you eat a historical lunch or dinner in an…

Hopsjoen Trading Center

Wedding dinner at Hopsjø

The old trading center Hopsjø have so many interesting stories. Experience a old traditional wedding dinner in historical surroundings.

Hitra Gårdsmat

Farmer’s lunch at Hitra Gårdsmat

This is a lunch outside of the busy everyday life. Let yourself sink into the scenic surroundings at Hitra Gårdsmat with happy cows, local food and…


Ægir’s evening at Ansnes

Ægir’s evening offers a fantastic seafood table with the best that the island and season has to offer. Enjoy world-class seafood.

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