Here you can see what activities we offer, that can either be done by a group on a day trip, or it may be a part of one of our group tours.
These are perfect if you want to experience something extra together or as a break from the meeting room.

Meet the deer Explore Hitra

Meet the deer

With some food in your hand you can see the deer running towards you when the bell rings. This is an experience you won't get many other places.

Hopsjoen Trading Center

The old trading center at Hopsjø

Visit the old trading center og experience an authentic old shop, a whaling museum and wooden boats from back in the days.

The Iron Age house

Back to the Iron Age

Go back in time and eat, drink and compete as if you were living in the Iron Age. A perfect activity for team building.

Hiking with the Norwegian “matpakke”

A true Norwegian experience. "Matpakke" is a packed lunch which is a tradition to bring on hikes in Norway. We love to hike on the mountains, in the…

Night Sailors boat at sea

A historic journey

Go back in time with a historic journey at sea with the Night Sailors, and hear stories about the old Hitra.

Eagle on a rock

Sea eagle safari

Join us to experience the ocean's flying king up close in wonderful surroundings. The trip offers a great nature experience, often with both fishing…

Fishfarming Explore Hitra

The Norwegian salmon island

A trip out on the ocean to experience how Norway's biggest export goes from small eggs to large salmons jumping around in the water.

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