A warm evening in four minus degrees

With four small minus degrees the cold is pinching our cheeks. It crunches in the frozen grass as 17 pair of shoes walk down the hill to the park at Dolmsundet Hotel. A warm welcome drink is served outside the Iron Age house. It smells of apple and cinnamon all around as everyone gets a toasty cup in their hand. With a squeaking sound, the door to the Iron Age house opens and the heat from the fire rises through. Inside, there are candles on each table that give just enough light to see where the longest of us need to lower our heads, to avoid the beams in the ceiling. A chandelier with candles gently swayes from the ceiling as everyone finds a bench to sit on, and in the middle of the room is a lovely warm fire. It becomes completely silent as the story of the Iron Age house is told. A house that once would be home for several generations.

With another squeak the door opens, and 17 pairs of shoes again walks over the frozen grass, through the park and to the lavvo. The four minus degrees almost gets to you before you again are filled with heat from the lavvo. Chains of light, set tables and a campfire gets you in the mood right away. The food is prepared in front of everyone inside the lavvo, and the chef presents the menu of the day: Carpaccio of beef for appetizer, wild lamb from Frøya for main course, and a delicious panna cotta for dessert. Throughout the evening, the stomach fills up and the atmosphere rises inside the warm lavvo beneath the starry skies, and in four small minus degrees.

A dinner that goes above and beyond! The perfect break between courses and seminars. Can be added to your business / group trip to Hitra.

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